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President's message

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I would like to extend my cordial greetings when the new fiscal year in Japan begins in April, 2014.

2014 marks the start of the 31st year of the ancient Chinese sexagenary cycle. This year’s term appears to represent a wide-jumping horse, and it is also said that people who was born during the 31st year of the cycle thrive like large trees in midsummer. There are expectations for any type of large changes in this year. However, I think it is more suitable for the year to leap into action and get results rather than waiting for changes to occur.

So how should the dental industry “leap” forward? The keyword of JADS executives is revitalization. First and foremost, it is necessary for the dental industry to create a definite theme which enables us to come together toward the aim of matching the expectations of citizens and society. From the start, we need to be highly responsive in order to grasp the demands of society. Then, the dental industry should respond by aiming for a theme that creates social opportunities and social atmosphere. In order to contribute to improving the health of citizens under the theme, JADS executives will aim for the extensive and effective use of research data accumulated by our 42 subcommittees.

In our present society struggling with a declining birth rate and growing proportion of elderly people, attention is focused on oral care for the elderly, which is of course an important theme. In contrast to the growing proportion of elderly people, the declining birth rate is also a major theme. Focusing on this, we intend to make the children of today who will be responsible for the next generation to be aware of the joy and importance of eating based on dental research results, and want to suggest a system that contributes to creating lifestyle habits suitable for today.

Since I was appointed as president on 1st in July in 2013, and I am gradually witnessing definite results while seeking out the direction in which our industry should head and exploring themes. Although the Japanese Association for Dental Science is a large, powerful organization with 97,000 members, changes are required today in order to correspond with social conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to first decide on the organization’s place in society and confirm its role.

Since JADS is transparent, we maintain the stance that evidence should be created for providing highly-effective dental treatment to citizens at a reasonable cost. In the future, we will address whether or not members of each subcommittee will be better prepared to support JADS.

No one can imagine a dental industry without the Japanese Association for Dental Science. Therefore, we will act vigorously to lead the association to an even more positive direction.

Masahito Sumitomo
President, Japanese Association for Dental Science

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